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Stichting Het Transformatieve Model, the Netherlands, and the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation are pleased to invite you: mediators, (HRM) managers, (team) leaders, coaches, advisors, community and peace builders, and all who are interested, in participating in the international conference:




We live in challenging times.  Many big problems need to be solved. Yet every day seems to bring more negative interactions, disagreements and conflicts in workplaces, organizations, neighborhoods and communities.   Personal, ethnic and political differences create divisions which, if unaddressed, lead to polarization, hostility, even violence and make it ever harder to find a constructive way forward.

Transformative Dialogue can help by providing opportunities to restore, open respectful interactions in a wide range of settings – whether or not people agree about specific issues. After the success of our first conference in 2015, this international conference will undoubtedly also become an instructive and inspiring exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Transformative Dialogue is a unique way of approaching group, community, ethnic and political conflict, including post-violent conflict. It differs from traditional interventions by focusing on the interactional changes that are key to sustainably decreasing tension and conflict. It is a process shaped by participants not the intervener, putting decisions in the hands of those involved. It allows participants to shape desired outcomes or, when necessary, to determine how best to approach externally determined mandates.

A learning experience

Practitioners from around the world will gather at the conference to share experiences and learn from each other.  The conference will bring together people who work in many different settings:  workplaces, organizations, communities, religious congregations and educational institutions.   Presenters will draw from their experience facilitating Transformative Dialogues to discuss

  • How a relational understanding of conflict promotes constructive interaction whether or not an agreement can be reached
  • The different ways dialogues get started
  • Involving dialogue participants in determining what to talk about, who to invite and how to have conversations
  • Why one-on-one conversations are a critical component of Transformative Dialogue
  • Why intra-group meetings can be as important or even more important that inter-group conversations
  • Strategies that maximize the possibility of lasting change
  • Measuring and Documenting success

Attendees will participate in a role play that allows them to experience a Transformative Dialogue.  Then an afternoon of conversation, beginning with an Open Space exercise, will allow discussion of topics of most concern to those present.

Participation doesn’t require experience

Everyone is welcome.  The conference will benefit those interested in moving into this area of practice as well as experienced dialogue facilitators, whether or not they are familiar with the relational approach to conflict that characterizes transformative practice.

Prior to the conference (June 18-20, 2019), we offer the Transformative Dialogue training. This training is given by Judy Saul and Erik Cleven of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation

See you in June 2019!

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