Stichting Het Transformatieve Model is als enige Nederlandse organisatie officieel geaffilieerd met the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation. 

As Affiliated Organization we can organize and conduct trainings in accordance with the ISCT training policy, host ISCT sponsored symposia or conferences, with the involvement of at least one Fellow from the ISCT and publicize our status as an ISCT Affiliate Organization.

” The mission of the ISCT is to study and promote the understanding of conflict processes and intervention from the transformative framework.  In the transformative view, conflict is primarily about human interaction.  Conflict tends to destabilize our sense of self and other, so we feel both weak and self-absorbed. Further, these negative attitudes often feed into each other as we interact, in a vicious circle that intensifies them.

The transformative framework posits that, despite conflict’s natural destabilizing impacts on interaction, people have the capacity to regain their footing and shift back to a restored sense of strength and openness to the other– what we call the empowerment shift and the recognition shift.  Moreover, these positive moves also feed into each other, and the interaction can regenerate and move to a constructive, connecting, and humanizing interaction.   The model assumes that this transformation of the interaction itself is what matters most to people in conflict – even more than resolution on favorable terms.”